Lumerical's versatile simulators enable R&D professionals to quickly evaluate new product concepts and optimize designs

Lumerical’s photonic design tools are capable of addressing the most challenging design problems across a wide array of applications. Our extensive online Knowledge Base provides getting started guides, user manuals and technical details on all of our products. Find out more about our tools’ design and analysis capabilities or select a project example and try the software hands on with a free 30 day trial.

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CMOS Image Sensors Nonlinear Optics KB HAMR KB Other Applications KB
Metamaterials KB Graphene KB Photonic Crystals KB Liquid Crystals KB

Product Selection Guide

Be sure you’re taking advantage of the right solutions to deliver the most comprehensive design and analysis workflow for your application. The product selection guide indicates which Lumerical products are relevant to your application and our online Knowledge Base provides examples to get you started today.

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