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Achieve more with light.


Lumerical develops photonic simulation software - tools which enable product designers to understand light, and predict how it behaves within complex structures, circuits, and systems. Photonics, the science of light and its interaction with matter, unlocks many possibilities for the world’s leading technology companies across diverse fields including biotechnology, data communications, information storage, solar energy, environmental sensing, and consumer electronics.


Our Name

Lumerical - definition lu.min.ous (loo'me-nes)
full of light, illuminated
nu.mer.i.cal (noo-mer'i-kel)
of or relating to a number or series of numbers
Lu.mer.i.cal (loo-mer'i-kel)
leading provider of photonic simulation software used to
design complex components,
circuits, and systems.


What Lumerical Does

Lumerical delivers inventive, highly accurate, and cost-effective design solutions to photonic designers. Our suite of software allows designers significant improvements in product development costs and speed-to-market.

Lumerical’s design tools allow scientists to create, test, and optimize their product designs without crafting physical prototypes. These predictive capabilities enable the scientific and engineering community to validate designs prior to manufacturing, create new product concepts, and explore long-term innovative photonics research such as quantum computing. Examples include: biomedical researchers exploring how light scatters from cancerous cells as the basis for new diagnostics; innovators modeling optical materials that store vast amounts of information more efficiently; and engineers designing high-speed communication systems that transmit information optically within datacenters and even between and within computer chips. Not only are these designers able to create better performing components, they can do so in far less time, at lower costs, and with greater accuracy.

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Since being founded in 2003, Lumerical has grown to license its software design tools in over 40 countries and its customers include seven of the top 10 companies in the S&P 1200 Global IT index, and 44 of the top 50 research universities as rated by the Times Higher Education rankings. Lumerical’s substantial impact on the photonic design and simulation community means its tools are among the most widely cited in the scientific press, with references in more than 3500 academic publications and patents. Lumerical enables its customers to achieve more with light and establish a leading position in the development of transformative technologies employing photonics.

The Future of Photonics

Lumerical envisions a future where nanoscale photonic devices are pervasive. Made possible by the continued emergence of low-cost manufacturing techniques able to reliably create high-performance nanoscale devices in large volumes, photonics will be recognized as an enabling technology that intimately impacts many facets of life - through entertainment, medical discovery, communications, information storage, and manufacturing.  Organizations increasingly rely on virtual prototyping - assessing performance via rigorous computer-aided design and engineering - to rapidly and cost-effectively investigate new product concepts, optimize designs, and drive innovation.

By empowering R&D professionals with high performance photonic design software that leverages ongoing advances in computing technology, Lumerical helps designers tackle challenging design goals and meet deadlines. Lumerical's products are used in nearly 40 countries by global technology leaders including ASML, Bosch, Olympus, Philips, Samsung, and STMicroelectronics, and prominent research institutions including Caltech, Harvard, Max Planck Institute, MIT, NIST and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

How Lumerical is Different

By listening closely to customer requirements and supporting the training of R&D professionals, Lumerical remains at the forefront in addressing the current and emerging needs of the photonic design community. Lumerical’s customer-centric approach to development has enabled Lumerical to create high-impact photonic simulation tools that facilitate the realization of next-generation photonic, opto-electronic and electromagnetic technologies.  Testimony to that impact, our simulation and design products are among the most widely cited in the scientific press.  Through these efforts, Lumerical serves as a reliable, long-standing research and development partner that complements their customers' on-going product development efforts. A passion for helping their customers meet deadlines and realize their goals makes Lumerical's technical support the best in the industry, and has rendered Lumerical the partner of choice when a new design challenge must be overcome.

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