Customer Success: CompoundTek

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Company Description

CompoundTek is a global leader in enhanced foundry services for silicon photonics which offers to the industry its revolutionary semiconductor applications designed to meet critical requirements in high bandwidth and high data transfer solutions particularly in emerging connectivity driving Industry 4.0. The company’s in-depth know-how includes end-to-end
technologies — from proprietary fabrication process expertise to product design support with strategic partners, on-wafer silicon photonics testing and other extended services for end product manufacturing.


To deliver statistical support with minimal time-to-market, CompoundTek looked for innovative ways to improve its processes for the development and maintenance
of PDKs.

Engineering Solution

  • CompoundTek decided to go with CML Compiler embracing a solution for increased
    automation for building and maintaining compact model libraries (CMLs).
  • With the addition of statistical support to CML Compiler, it was the perfect tool to help
    improve productivity. The statistical models enable CompoundTek customers’ designs
    to have a better fit of the simulation results with the actual performance, resulting in a
    more accurate prediction of the actual chip performance and yield.
  • CML Compiler enabled integration of CMLs with 3rd party EDA tools, allowing
    customers to link their INTERCONNECT schematic to the layout and perform
    electro-optical co-simulation.
  • The built-in capability of encrypting the CML was another feature that was important
    to CompoundTek.


  • Data requirements of CML Compiler makes it easier to identify what
    measurements are needed for statistical enablement of models.
  • Switching from nominal to statistical model is easily accomplished by adding the
    required statistical data measured from CompoundTek’s actual silicon wafer.
  • Built-in QA to verify statistical and nominal behavior of generated compact models.
  • Ansys Lumerical’s technical support makes the process/troubleshooting easier.

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