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Join us at OFC 2022 from March 8-10, 2022 at the San Diego Convention Center!

Demo topics and presentations are as listed below (Mar 8-10, Tuesday – Thursday). Unless otherwise specified, all demos are hosted at the Ansys Lumerical Booth (#5518). Most demos will be available on-demand on Thursday. Please check back for any updates / changes to demo times.

Demo Topics and Presentation Schedule (Booth #5518)

AIM – AIM Photonics PDK enabled by Ansys Lumerical (Times TBD)

Custom Design – Design custom silicon photonic components using foundry process files

  • Tuesday: 10:30am | Wednesday: 10am | Thursday: 1:30pm

Speos Interoperability – Available workflows between Lumerical and Speos

  • Tuesday: 3pm | Wednesday: 11:30am, 12:30pm

Icepak Interoperability – Available workflows between Lumerical and Icepak

  • Tuesday: 3pm | Wednesday: 11:30am, 12:30pm

KLayout – KLayout-Lumerical integration for silicon photonics design

  • Tuesday: 1pm, 4:30pm | Wednesday: 3:30pm

CML Compiler – Develop photonic PDK and compact model library with CML Compiler

  • Tuesday: 10am, 4pm | Wednesday: 3pm

Photonic Inverse Design – Photonic Inverse Design: an emerging approach for design exploration and optimization

  • Tuesday: 12:30pm | Wednesday: 12pm, 4pm

Cadence Virtuoso – Electronic-photonic design automation (EPDA) with Ansys Lumerical and Cadence Virtuoso

  • Tuesday: 11am | Wednesday: 10:30am | Thursday: 1pm

Laser – Lumerical’s solutions for laser simulations

  • Tuesday: 1:30pm | Wednesday: 11am | Thursday: 12:30pm

Siemens EDA – Electronic-photonic design automation (EPDA) with Ansys Lumerical and Siemens EDA

  • Tuesday: 12pm, 3:30pm | Wednesday: 2:30pm

Luceda – Photonic design workflows with Ansys Lumerical and Luceda

  • Tuesday: 2:00pm (Ansys Booth #5518) | Wednesday: 1:00pm (Luceda Booth #5300)

Other Event – Lab Automation Hackathon 


Visit http://www.ofcconference.org/en-us/home/registration/ to register for OFC 2022.


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