PIC International Conference

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Speakers: PIC Innovation – EPDA, TAP & PICs beyond datacom

See Lumerical’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. James Pond, present “Scalable PIC design: increasing yield of components, circuits, and systems

Tuesday, March 26 at 14:20Tremendous progress has been made in recent years in PIC design and manufacturing. Nonetheless, manufacturing variations and the inevitable impact on yield remains a significant challenge. Active tuning can sometimes be a solution, but the necessary system complexity and power budgets can be prohibitive. We discuss design methods to maximize yield that account for a knowledge of design variations from specific foundry processes. These methods include inverse design approaches at the component level to large scale statistical simulation of circuits using calibrated compact models.


Find us at our booth during the exhibition. If you’d like to book a specific time to meet with Lumerical’s experts, send us an email: info@lumerical.com

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