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Builds Photonic Integrated Circuit Ecosystem in Europe

Eindhoven, The Netherlands (December 5, 2018)

The Joint European Platform for Photonic Integration of Components and Circuits (JePPIX) introduces its newest member Lumerical Inc., ( a leading developer of photonic design and simulation tools. JePPIX is focused on developing the European InP Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) community. Lumerical adds a key photonic simulation provider to JePPIX.

“JePPIX welcomes Lumerical as a new partner. We recognize the important work done in supporting the open access model through the creation of process design kits linking Lumerical’s suite of photonic design tools to PIC foundry services” said Kevin Williams on behalf of the JePPIX team.

JePPIX has successfully brought the European InP photonic integrated circuit (PIC) community together as a coherent force to advance and promote technology. JePPIX provides

  • Open access technology. The Process Design Kit (PDK) at the heart of the multiproject wafers technology provides seamless cooperation between designers, software developers, fabs, and prototype builders and one-stop-shop brokering.
  • Technology acceleration, enabling major advances in technology building blocks, leveraging know-how from multiple academic and industrial partners, across a number of joint R&D projects. JePPIX R&D focusses on InP and SiNx integration platforms and also hybrid combinations.
  • Training events and technology forums enable designers to skill-up and connect with innovators and experts in the photonic integration eco-system. JePPIX connects at expos, workshops and offers training courses around the globe.
  • Eco-system development is at the heart of what we do. The JePPIX Roadmap maps out the future evolution of technology, markets and the eco-system. Be a part of the next JePPIX Roadmap by completing the new technology PIC designer survey.

The JePPIX eco-system includes many businesses spread across process development, chip fabrication, packaging, software development, design and training and several hundred uses and members.

“Europe is a leader in photonics, and we have always enjoyed supporting the development here. Joining JePPIX enables us to work more closely with our European partners as Europe leads the transition to commercialization,” said James Pond, CTO of Lumerical.

Lumerical joins foundries Fraunhofer HHI, LioniX, and Smart Photonics, design houses VLC Photonics, and Bright Integrated Photonics, software providers Synopsys, VPIphotnics, Filarete and Photon Design, and packaging companies Linkra Networks, and Technobis Group.

Lumerical has recently introduced Process Design Kits (PDK) with Smart Photonics and Fraunhofer HHI and offers discounts to photonic designers that take advantage of JePPIX’s MPW services.

“Our recently introduced Lumerical PDK helps us opens up the commercial photonics market,” said Moritz Baier, Head of Photonic InP Foundry Group at Fraunhofer HHI. “We rely on Lumerical’s tools ourselves, and working with Lumerical in JePPIX will accelerate our foundry development efforts by increasing component performance and introducing new functionality into our PDK component library.”

About JePPIX

JePPIX, the Joint European Platform for Photonic Integration of Components and Circuits, is a consortium in which Europe’s key-players in InP and SiN-based Photonic Integration are cooperating to establish a technology infrastructure for cost-effective open access to standardized (generic) high-performance photonic foundry processes. JePPIX started in 2006 as an open-access technology platform in the European FP6 Network of Excellence ePIXnet. The JePPIX consortium now covers the full chain of PIC-development and manufacturing, it includes partners for chip-manufacturing, PIC design tools and design services, packaging, testing and technology R&D, and it is active in stimulating business development with a large number of companies and researchers being supported by the consortium.


About Lumerical

Lumerical develops photonic simulation software – tools which enable product designers to understand light, and predict how it behaves within complex structures, circuits, and systems. Since being founded in 2003, Lumerical has grown to license its design tools in over 50 countries and its customers include 10 of the top 15 companies in the S&P 1200 Global IT index, and 46 of the top 50 research universities as rated by the Times Higher Education rankings. Lumerical’s substantial impact on the photonic design and simulation community means its tools are among the most widely cited in the scientific press, with references in more than 10,000 scientific publications and patents. Lumerical enables its customers to achieve more with light and establish a leading position in the development of transformative technologies employing photonics.

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