Lumerical’s 2016a Release Introduces Heat Transport Analysis for Semiconductor and Optical Devices

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Vancouver, BC (December 2, 2015)

Lumerical Solutions, Inc., a global provider of photonic design software, announced the 2016a release of its products FDTD Solutions 8.15, MODE Solutions 7.7, DEVICE 5.0 and INTERCONNECT 5.1. The 2016a release introduces a heat transport solver to DEVICE 5.0 which enhances Lumerical’s current photonic and electrical design tools for the multiphysics analysis of integrated photonics, photovoltaics, image sensing and other optoelectronics applications including thermally tuned waveguides, modulators and switch matrices.

The 2016a release also includes:

  • The Broadband Fixed Angle Source Technique (BFAST) in FDTD Solutions. Based on the split-field FDTD method, BFAST makes it possible to inject plane waves onto periodic structures with a constant angle that does not change with frequency.
  • Multi-frequency beams in FDTD Solutions make it possible to correctly inject finite-sized beams with a constant angle that does not change with frequency. High numerical-aperture beams with profiles that change rapidly with frequency can also be correctly injected over any bandwidth.
  • Parametric analysis with Mentor Graphics® Pyxis™ and INTERCONNECT. Parameterized analysis and simulation of PICs can now be configured and run from directly within the Pyxis cockpit.
  • Support for Windows® 10, OS X® El Capitan, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 7 and CentOS 7
  • Lumerical’s Knowledge Exchange (KX) user forum, which provides an online community for Lumerical users to ask questions and exchange simulation tips, advice and expertise.

The 2016a release is available for download now at

Lumerical will host a webinar on December 9th and 10th introducing the heat transport solver in DEVICE and demonstrating the integrated thermo-optic analysis of a thermally tuned waveguide. Registration details for the event are available at

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