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We are no longer able to offer Commitment to University Education (CUE) licenses. CUE licenses have been replaced with Ansys Lumerical Teaching Licenses, which will be offered for a small license fee. If you have questions, or would like information about teaching licenses going forward, please send your inquiry to

From the beginning, Ansys Lumerical has been committed to a close relationship with academic researchers and educators.

We endeavor to provide tools that enable researchers to push the boundaries of nanophotonic research and bring the technologies of tomorrow to life. In turn, we listen closely to the academic community and rely on their input to help define our product roadmaps and innovations.

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Academic Teaching Licensing

Educating the Scientific Leaders of Tomorrow with Best-in-Class Technology Today

Ansys Lumerical Academic Teaching Licenses support photonics education by providing educators and students with access to photonic design and analysis software tools. Through this program, the engineers and scientists of tomorrow can advance their understanding of photonics, electromagnetics and semiconductors in applications ranging from integrated optical communications to solar energy and biophotonics.

Teaching Licenses are available to accredited, degree-granting institutions for undergraduate and graduate level coursework.

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Who’s Using Ansys Lumerical?

Ansys Lumerical Academic Teaching licenses have been used by hundreds of schools all over the globe.

"FDTD Solutions is a powerful tool to simulate theory in real device architectures, and as a result is a highly-effective teaching tool. Lumerical’s support for teaching provides student with advanced learning tools to assist in providing them with hands-on learning experience in the classroom."
- Professor Marko Lončar

"As part of the UBC EECE 584 Nanophotonics Fabrication course, Lumerical's FDTD Solutions has been indispensable for undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral students in designing Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) nanophotonic circuits. The students and instructors have found FDTD Solutions easy to learn while yielding accurate results. Also, the software was useful as a learning tool to aid the students in understanding the physics of nanophotonic devices."
- Professor Lukas Chrostowski

"I used Lumerical 3D FDTD Solutions as a simulation tool in the course 'Nano-Optics', at the University of Twente. In the course, the students had the opportunity to strengthen the theoretical knowledge by applying the concepts learnt in the courses in simulations using Lumerical 3D FDTD Solutions. By mid-course, the students were reproducing results of recent research papers, which the students found highly motivating!"
- Professor Sonia Garcia Blanco

"Twenty four undergraduate students taking the 'Nanoengineering systems design and fabrication' laboratory course used Lumerical extensively to verify the viability of their final project designs. Lumerical helped them to better understand the theory involved and validate their designs before actually implementing various systems including Nanoparticle/DNA Conjugates for Colorimetric Testing of Target DNA Strands, Plasmonic Enhancement of Solar Cells, and A Nanoscale Ruler for Accurate Synthesis of Metal Core-Shell Nanoparticles."
- Professor Sadik Esener

"After using Lumerical MODE Solutions for several years in research, I now also use it in my class on Optical Communication Systems. This tool helps the students a lot in understanding modes in fibers, single-mode versus multimode operation, bending loss and dispersion engineering. I found Lumerical MODE to be an excellent complement to the simulation tool I use to teach the students the design of long-haul telecom links."
- Professor Jürgen Van Erps

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