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Looking for the most up-to-date technical information on photonics related topics? Learn from Lumerical's product and application experts without leaving the comfort of your own desk. Attending our live webinars gives you the opportunity to get answers to your questions directly from our team of scientists, engineers and developers.

Unfortunately, we have no training sessions currently available for registration. We update our schedule regularly, so please check back often for our latest offerings.

In the meantime, there are other way to learn with Lumerical:

  • Check for upcoming webinar sessions, and learn from Lumerical product experts without leaving the comfort of your desk.
  • Visit our Video Gallery, where registered users can view past webinars and other helpful recordings.
  • Users with an active, registered license can take advantage of the work-at-your-own-pace solver courses available at Ansys Innovation Courses.
  • Find upcoming events and conferences near you, and meet with our specialist team in person.

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