SPHPC 2019 Lumerical Luncheon – Inverse Design Workshop

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Robust, broadband, small footprint y-splitter

Join our workshop where we will perform inverse design using the adjoint optimization method to design a robust, small footprint y-splitter. We combine Lumerical’s industry leading FDTD simulator with lumopt to design a y-splitter that can be manufactured and measured at SiEPICfab.

H field of an optimized design

To sign up and prepare, please:

  1. Register for the workshop below
  2. Ensure you download and install the latest version of FDTD Solutions from https://www.lumerical.com/downloads/customer
    • Verify that your license is correctly installed and working in advance please!
  3. Necessary if you want to perform layout of your final design for submission to SiEPIC


  • Brief review of inverse design using the adjoint optimization method
  • Make some design choices
    • Bandwidth, number of parameters, spline boundary conditions, lithography variations
    • Advanced users may want to change parameterization entirely
  • Have lunch or coffee while the computer optimizes for you!
  • View final S-parameter performance
    • Run python script to create full gds layout in KLayout, ready to go for cutback measurements of IL
  • If desired, submit design to SiEPICfab for fabrication and measurement


The attendee who creates the best design, determined by a figure of merit = min(T)* (bandwidth/100nm), where T=|S21|^2+|S31|^2, will be awarded a small prize.

View of the final design geometry in FDTD


View of the layout in KLayout prepared for cutback measurements


Zoomed in view in KLayout of the setup for cutback measurements

SPHPC 2019 Lumerical Luncheon - Inverse Design Workshop

May 29, 2019 01:00 pm
(America/Denver -07:00 GMT)
Estes Park, CO, USA
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