Ansys 2021 R2: Ansys Lumerical Update

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With the 2021 R2 release, Ansys continues to push the innovation envelope for its Ansys Lumerical photonics products, delivering powerful new capabilities for improved accuracy, performance and usability. This webinar spotlights the many new features available in Ansys Lumerical with the 2021 R2 release.

The 2021 R2 release includes:

1. Improvements to Lumerical MQW gain solver (model for excitons enables EAM simulation, MQW solver object in finite-element IDE allows simulation setup and run from GUI, material model added to electrical and thermal material database in finite-element IDE)
2. Ansys Lumerical FDTD, Ansys Lumerical MODE and Ansys Lumerical INTERCONNECT support Touchstone format for optical S-parameter export/import
3. PML boundary condition in FEEM
4. Ansys SPEOS – Lumerical workflows for display design
5. Ansys OptiSLang – Lumerical integration for multiphysics simulation workflows and optimization of photonic components
6. Ansys Lumerical CML Compiler improvements (new models for both INTERCONNECT and photonic Verilog-A)

Ansys 2021 R2: Ansys Lumerical Update

July 7, 2021 10:00 am
(America/Vancouver -08:00 GMT)
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