Design Better Displays with Ansys Lumerical and SPEOS

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In this webinar, we describe how to design better OLED and LED displays with Ansys Lumerical STACK and Ansys SPEOS. This interoperability offers an invaluable workflow to bridge the disconnect between nanophotonic display design and the macroscale simulation of the viewing environment. It enables designers to optimize the emission properties of the display pixels while considering the effects of illumination, viewing angle, and human perception. The result is better displays with increased efficiency, improved optical performance, color accuracy and better image quality irrespective of the viewing environment.

The webinar begins with a brief introduction to the Lumerical and SPEOS tools. Next, we provide an overview of the display interoperability workflow. Finally, we provide a detailed demonstration of the display workflow combining Lumerical STACK and SPEOS.

Design Better Displays with Ansys Lumerical and SPEOS

May 12, 2021 06:00 pm
(America/Vancouver -08:00 GMT)
On-Demand Webinar
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