Focus on Lasers: Simulating Semiconductor Edge-Emitting Lasers with Lumerical

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Whether you’re a system designer working on circuit integration or a laser designer working on discrete components, this webinar will help you get started with your laser design.

In this webinar, we showcase Lumerical’s workflow for simulating a DBR laser using FDE/MODE, MQW, and INTERCONNECT’s compact traveling wave laser model (TWLM). The benefits of the MQW and TWLM solvers are framed in the context of popular applications such as VCSELs, edge-emitters, and electro-absorption modulators (EAMs). Special focus is placed on semiconductor edge-emitting lasers targeted for InGaAsP/InP technologies. The webinar discusses the benefits of designing lasers with Lumerical’s comprehensive design flow including device-level physical simulation, circuit-level simulation, and the ability to integrate with multi-physics solvers for charge- and heat-transport.

The webinar provides an overview of Lumerical’s laser-related product offerings, highlighting features related to TWLM and MQW solvers. Integration between component and circuit-level tools are presented in the context of a design taken from concept to simulation and analysis of key laser characteristics, including material and threshold gain, laser spectrum and SMSR, steady state LI, and transient response.  Semiconductor edge-emitting lasers are discussed in detail and placed into context with applications including PIC for datacenters and LiDAR.

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