Focus on LiDAR: Simulating Avalanche Photodetectors for Solid-State LiDAR with Lumerical

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In this webinar, we showcase Lumerical’s software tools for the design and analysis of solid-state LiDAR, from device-level physical simulation to comprehensive photonic circuit and system simulation. Special focus is placed on simulating avalanche photodetectors (APDs) in both linear gain and Geiger mode (single photon PD or SPAD) configurations. Sensitive and responsive APDs are a key requirement for both continuous scanning and flash mode LiDARs, and accurate performance modeling is necessary to unlock winning designs.

The webinar provides an overview of Lumerical’s LiDAR-related product offerings, including solvers to address passive and active photonic component design, laser simulation, and EPDA integrations that enable the system-level co-simulation of electronic and photonic circuits. Device-level simulation of APDs is presented in the context of a germanium on silicon design taken from concept to simulation and analysis of key performance characteristics, including dark and photocurrent response, responsivity, multiplication gain and bandwidth. Device-level simulation workflow(1) for calculating avalanche triggering probabilities, required to estimate photon detection efficiency in SPADs, will also be shown.

  1. G. Gallina et al., “Characterization of SiPM Avalanche Triggering Probabilities,” in IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, vol. 66, no. 10, pp. 4228-4234, Oct. 2019.

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