Using High-Performance Computing to Accelerate Your FDTD Simulations

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In this webinar, we showcase the infrastructure and support offered by Lumerical for running FDTD simulations using high-performance computing (HPC). Lumerical’s high-performing FDTD works seamlessly with both in-house clusters and cloud platforms allowing designers to meet aggressive deadlines on-time and on-budget. This webinar demonstrates how to launch HPC simulations and provides an overview of the features that were made available in S2020A-R1 software release, including FDTD Engine check-pointing and online license activation.

Cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud provide secure, resizable computing capacity to run FDTD simulations with an easy-to-use web interface. They offer convenient ways to purchase compute resources as needed with flexible cost-efficient pricing models. Such flexibility is attractive for designers requiring massive computing resources for only a short duration during the development cycle. Due to the flexibility of Lumerical’s FDTD, jobs can be greatly sped up by running large simulations using several parallel servers at a time. The cost of this can be about the same as running on one server for a longer period.

The webinar begins by describing the benefits of HPC for FDTD simulations. It describes the features and support provided by Lumerical to get designers up and running with HPC in minutes. We demonstrate how HPC simulations can be launched for both in-house clusters and cloud-platforms. Further, an overview of Lumerical’s accelerator and flexible burst-pack license options is covered. HPC examples will be covered including a single very-large simulation and a parameter-sweep with larger number of smaller simulations. Strategies for maximizing throughput and minimizing cost will be discussed.

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