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A History of Innovation

Lumerical has a proven history of building world-class simulation technology. From releasing the first 3D dedicated photonic simulator in 2003 to offering the most robust nanophotonic design and optimization environment available today, Lumerical has led the charge in helping the optoelectronic community tackle design challenges head on. With our technology referenced in more than 1,000 scientific articles and patents, we are increasingly recognized as the worldwide leader in our field of expertise.

Innovation Timeline

2014/04 Lumerical Files Provisional Patent on Improved Eigenmode Expansion Waveguide Analysis
2012/05 Provisional patent on modeling liquid crystals and other spatially varying anisotropic materials on a discretized grid
2010/10 First Conformal Mesh Technology in a photonic simulator
2008/08 Lumerical named a finalist for a Red Herring Canada Top 50 award, recognizing the most promising and innovative private companies in Canada
2008/08 Proprietary Multi-coefficient Materials for accurate, broadband dispersive material modeling
2004/10 FDTD Solutions available on first TOP500 Supercomputer
2004 First nanophotonic simulator employing a 3D interface

Patent Filings

2012/05 Provisional Patent Application “System and Method for Transforming a Coordinate System to Simulate an Anisotropic Medium”


Simulation Technology

2014/1 Building Compact Models for PICs
2013/9 INTERCONNECT Circuit Solver
2013/8 Flexible Material Plugins
2013/3 Lumerical’s 2.5D FDTD Propagation Method
2012/11 Optoelectronic modeling
2010/10 Conformal Mesh Technology Delivers Subcell Accuracy
2008/08 Overcoming the Multi-Wavelength Challenge

High-Performance Computing

2009/08 FDTD Solutions 500%+ faster via Intel's Nehalem
2009/04 FDTD Solutions Leverages New Multi-Core Processors
2007/10 64-bit Computing and Photonic Design Software
2006/12 Parallel Processing and FDTD Solutions
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