Accurate simulations for intense light

Rigorous optical simulators like FDTD Solutions can quantify how photonic crystals and other light scattering structures impact the emission characteristics of LED/OLED structures. The behaviour of those scattering structures depends strongly on wavelength, material composition and geometry, so accurate analysis is crucial for researchers aiming to improve the quality and intensity of light emitted and decrease the cost per lumen of these structures.


Opening new possibilities

I simulate 15X15X3 μm3 LED pixels including metallic backplane on a 20 node cluster. Prior to FDTD Solutions, this was not possible. Lumerical provides extremely fast single and multi-processor software to speed your design efforts.

H. Greiner
Philips Research


For planar OLEDs/LEDs with no patterning, Lumerical’s STACK Optical Solver can calculate the optical response considerably faster than direct simulations of Maxwell’s equations. However, FDTD Solutions is required to model devices that employ highly-dispersive materials and complex wavelength-scale patterning to increase quantum efficiency.

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