Diffractive Optics and Metalenses

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With the leading nanoscale optical simulator on the market and integrations with leading imaging and lens analysis tools like Zemax, Lumerical is well positioned to help designers explore DOEs and metasurfaces for challenging imaging and beam shaping applications.

Tools: FDTD | Zemax OpticStudio Interoperability

Metalenses at visible wavelengths: Diffraction-limited focusing and subwavelength resolution imaging

M. Khorasaninejad; W.T. Chen; R.C. Devlin; J. Oh; A.Y. Zhu; F. Capasso

Metalens Design

When designing a metalens it is necessary to choose a geometrical property of the unit cell that will be varied to achieve a certain target in the optical response. The overall optical response of the metalens will depend on how this geometrical property change as a function of position in the metalens, allowing the designer to reach a particular target.

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