Lumerical Multiproduct Training - Tsinghua University, Beijing

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Date: September 25-26, 2017
Location: Tsinghua University, Beijing, CN
In this two-day workshop, learn to use Lumerical’s component design tools (FDTD Solutions, MODE Solutions and DEVICE), as well as circuit/system design tool (INTERCONNECT), by working through some application examples of current industrial and academic interest. Attendees will obtain a broad range of knowledge on the main product features that can be applied across a wide variety of applications. Users are expected to have a basic familiarity with the products which can be obtained by watching the product introductory webinars and/or using a trial version of the software.
There will be a pre-training survey sent to all attendees to identify the applications of greatest interest and the time spent on each application may be tailored accordingly.


  1. Introduction to Lumerical's product suite. In this brief introduction, we will explain how Lumerical's products can be used either standalone or in combination to solve a wide range of design challenges.
  2. FDTD Solutions. FDTD Solutions is the industry leading FDTD solver for photonic applications. In this session users will learn how to optimally use the major product features. Specific topics include:
    • Introduction to FDTD Solutions
    • Features
      • Modeling dispersive materials
      • Mesh setup, including the conformal mesh feature
      • Key simulation objects review (solver region, sources, monitors, mode expansion monitors, ports
      • Scripting, structure groups, and analysis groups
      • Near to far field projections
      • Parameter sweeps and optimization
      • Time vs frequency domain results
      • Coherent vs incoherent simulations
      • Anisotropic and nonlinear materials
    • Simulation tips
  3. MODE Solutions. MODE Solutions is a comprehensive waveguide design environment for the analysis and optimization of integrated optical waveguides, components, and fibers. Specific topics include:
    • Introduction to MODE Solutions
    • Features:
      • Mode solving, dispersion calculations, modal overlaps
      • Single vertical-mode propagation in planar structures
      • Multi-mode, bi-directional propagation
      • Propagation methods comparison
    • Simulation tips
  4. DEVICE. DEVICE is an advanced, finite element multiphysics simulation environment for modeling charge transport and heat transfer in semiconductor devices and optoelectronic components. It is specifically designed to operate with FDTD Solutions and MODE Solutions to solve for optoelectronic structures such as solar cells, CMOS images sensors, optoelectronic modulators, high-speed photodiodes, and thermal switches. Specific topics include:
    • Introduction to DEVICE
    • Features:
      • Charge transport simulation
      • Heat transfer simulation
      • Steady state vs. transient simulations
      • Small signal AC
      • Non-isothermal temperature dependence
      • Coupled heat/charge transport
      • Multi-solver workflows
    • Simulation tips
  5. INTERCONNECT. INTERCONNECT is a photonic integrated circuit design and analysis environment that allows designers to define circuit architecture and connectivity, build new or import foundry compact model libraries (CMLs), and simulate the performance of photonic integrated circuits. Specific topics include:
    • Introduction to INTERCONNECT
    • Features:
      • Hierarchical schematic editor
      • Frequency domain simulation
      • Time domain simulation
      • EDA and PDA interoperability
      • Compact model library (CML)
    • Simulation Tips





地点:北京, 清华大学

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在这次为期两天的培训课程中,学员将通过一些目前业界和学术界关注的应用实例,来学习使用Lumerical器件级设计工具(FDTD Solutions, MODE Solutions, DEVICE)和系统级设计工具(INTERCONNECT)。学员将重点学习产品的主要功能,为研究广泛的应用领域打下基础。欲参加培训的学员需在培训前对产品有基本的了解,可以通过观看产品介绍视频软件试用来熟悉相关的软件。



  1. Lumerical产品简介。 我们将介绍Lumerical的产品如何独立或者组合起来解决各种各样的设计挑战。
  2. FDTD Solutions。 FDTD Solutions是业界领先的用于光子学仿真的FDTD 软件,学员将学习如何最佳地使用该软件的主要功能。内容主要包括:
    • FDTD Solutions简介
    • 主要功能
      • 模拟色散材料
      • 网格设置(包括共形网格技术)
      • 重要仿真物件(模拟区域、光源、监测器等)
      • 脚本语言,结构组,分析组
      • 远场投射
      • 参数扫描和优化
      • 时域和频域结果
      • 相干vs. 非相干模拟
      • 各向异性和非线性材料
    • 仿真技巧
  3. MODE Solutions。 MODE Solutions是用于设计、分析和优化集成光波导、器件和光纤的综合设计环境。内容主要包括:
    • MODE Solutions简介
    • 主要功能
      • 模式求解,色散计算,模式重叠
      • 平面波导结构中的传播(纵向单模)
      • 多模、双向传播
      • 传播方法比较
    • 仿真技巧
  4. DEVICE。DEVICE 是一款高级的、基于有限元的多物理场仿真软件,可用于模拟半导体光电子器件中的电荷传导和热传导。通过与FDTD Solutions和MODE Solutions的紧密结合,可以仿真众多光电子结构,如太阳能电池、 CMOS 图像传感器、电光调制器、高速光电探测器、热开关等。内容包括:
    • DEVICE简介
    • 主要功能
      • 电荷传导仿真
      • 热传导仿真
      • 稳态vs. 瞬态仿真
      • 小信号分析
      • 非等温的温度相关性
      • 耦合电荷/热传导
      • 多物理场仿真流程
    • 仿真技巧
  5. INTERCONNECT。 INTERCONNECT是一款光子集成电路设计与分析软件,设计者可定义光路架构和互连,创建或导入紧凑模型库(CML),仿真光子集成电路的性能。内容包括:
    • 主要功能
      • 分层式原理图编辑器
      • 频域仿真
      • 时域仿真
      • 与EDA和PDA工具的互操作
      • 紧凑模型库(CML)
    • 仿真技巧


Workshop Times and Locations

These are live training events. Registrants are required to be at the event location for each session they sign-up for.

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