PIC Week 2018: INTERCONNECT Simulation of WDM Fiber Link Incorporating Silicon PIC Based Components

PIC Week 2018: INTERCONNECT Simulation of WDM Fiber Link Incorporating Silicon PIC Based Components

This webinar demonstrates the design and simulation of an 8-channel C-band Wavelength Division Multiplexed (WDM) optical fiber link employing an Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK) modulation scheme. A system level simulation in block mode employing idealized sub-components (e.g., modulators, multiplexers, demultiplexers) is initially performed. Then, realizations of these sub-components on a Silicon on Insulator (SOI) platform are designed and simulated. The subcomponents are integrated into photonic integrated circuits (PICS) and the performance of the entire 8-channel fiber link is evaluated using a hybrid sample-mode-block-mode simulation.


Dr. Vighen Pacradouni R&D Scientist (Lumerical): Dr. Pacradouni works on advanced compact models for photonic integrated circuit simulation with extensive experience in photonics and electromagnetics. He obtained his PhD in Physics from the University of British Columbia for work on photonic band structure in semiconductor slab waveguides and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Simon Fraser University where he worked on the production of laser hyperpolarized xenon for NMR spectroscopy. Prior to working at Lumerical, Dr. Pacradouni was a Senior Physicist at Powertech Labs where he performed industrial research on the performance of dielectrics under high electrical stress.

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