Webinar: A Single Model, Single Environment Modulator Design Flow

Requirements for photonic transceivers are rapidly scaling up, seeking higher bandwidths and reduced power consumption to support wide adoption in challenging applications, such as datacenters. High-performance optical modulators are paramount to achieve these ever-increasing goals while, at the same time, being difficult components to design and optimize within a system-wide context.

In this webinar, we will conduct a review of electro-optic and thermo-optic modulator designs, and present a new workflow which takes advantage of the new Finite Element Eigenmode Solver (FEEM) in DEVICE to deliver a single model, single tool flow for modulator optimization. We will then introduce the new mask-defined ion implantation simulation capability in DEVICE, which gives designers greater control and freedom over junction profile definition. Finally, we will demonstrate how to analyze the impact of the optical modulator over system-wide performance by transferring design to INTERCONNECT's photonic integrated circuit design environment.

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