Webinar: Introduction to Nanophotonic Simulation with DEVICE DGTD

Webinar: Introduction to Nanophotonic Simulation in DEVICE DGTD

With our 2018a release, Lumerical is excited to introduce a new 3D/2D finite element Maxwell solver in the DEVICE design environment. Based on the Discontinuous Galerkin Time Domain (DGTD) method, this new solver has been developed to help designers and engineers analyze and optimize the most challenging plasmonic nanostructures. Our DEVICE design environment has also evolved to better support multiphysics simulations, with an improved workflow to build, explore and interact with the complex structures that define modern components. Coupled with the charge and heat transport solvers already available in DEVICE, the DGTD solver and the enhanced modelling environment make it easier than ever to tackle multiphysics design challenges in nanophotonics and optoelectronics.

In this webinar, we will introduce nanophotonic and photothermal simulation workflows using the new DGTD solver in the updated DEVICE design environment. The live one-hour presentation will cover:

  • introduction to the DGTD method for solving Maxwell’s equations
  • overview of the new DEVICE design environment, including
    • material definition
    • geometry definition and volume partitioning
    • creating solvers and specifying boundary conditions
    • using sources and monitors to drive simulations and analyze results
  • detailed examples using the new DGTD solver in DEVICE:
    • Mie scattering from nanoparticles
    • color filtering using a chromatic polarizer
    • photothermal heating with a plasmonic nanostructure

Sessions will be held on December 5th at 09:00 PST, and December 6th at 18:00 PST.

Webinar Schedule

December 5, 2017 17:00 Webinar: Introduction to Nanophotonic Simulation with DEVICE DGTD English Register
December 7, 2017 02:00 Webinar: Introduction to Nanophotonic Simulation with DEVICE DGTD English Register

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