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FDTD Solutions
MODE Solutions
Installing the free evaluation

Commitment to University Education (CUE) Program

CUE Program Introduction



Automation Application Programming Interface (API) | Preview Video
Efficient Automation with Lumerical's Python API NEW!
Structure Import and Export Methods
How to Export Your Component Design to GDSII

Cloud Computing and High-Performance Computing

Cloud Based High-Performance Computing with FDTD Solutions

Optical Inspection

Defect Detection and Optical Inspection Technology | Preview Video

Nanophotonic Devices

Introduction to Nanophotonic Simulation with DEVICE DGTD
Photothermal Heating in Plasmonic Nanostructures

Simulating Graphene-based Modulators

Efficient Optical Modeling of Graphene

Cavities and Resonators
Liquid Crystal Simulations with FDTD Solutions
Introduction to Plasmonic Simulation
Metamaterial Simulations
Bandstructure Calculations
Thermal Sensing and Microbolometers with Metamaterial Absorbers

Interface with Ray Tracing
Zemax-Lumerical: From nano-scale to macro-scale optics and back | Preview Video

Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC)

PIC Week 2018

Session 1: EDA-Driven Design, Simulation and Layout of PICs (w/ Cadence)
Session 2: TowerJazz Silicon Photonics PDK and CML (w/ TowerJazz)
Session 3: INTERCONNECT Simulation of WDM Fiber Link Coming Soon

PIC Week 2016 | Preview Video

Session 1: The EPDA Ecosystem Presentation Only
Session 2: Passive Building Blocks
Session 3: Thermo-optic Components
Session 4: Optoelectronic Component Design: Modulators
Session 5: Optoelectronic Component Design: Photodetectors
Session 6: Compact Model Library Creation
Session 7: Laser Design
Session 8: Schematic-driven Design Presentation Only

The Lumerical Compact Model Library (LCML)

The Lumerical Compact Model Library

Integrated Photonics Design Partners

Mentor Graphics : Pyxis & INTERCONNECT Integration
PhoeniX Software : OptoDesigner & INTERCONNECT Integration

Passive Components

Photolithography Simulation
SWG Bandstructure
Transmission Line Characteristic Impedance Calculations

Thermally Tuned Waveguide Design and Analysis
Bragg Waveguide Gratings and Resonators | Preview Video
Passive building blocks
Grating Coupler Design and Optimization

Electro-optic modulators

Electro-optic Modulators: Transferring data between electrical/optical solvers
Integrated Electro-Optic Modulators


Building An Optimal Workflow for Integrated Photodetector Design NEW!
High-Speed Photodiode Simulation for PICs

SiGe Photodetector Simulation for PICs
Integrated Photodetectors

Circuits and Systems

Effect of Laser Feedback on Laser Performance
Biological and Chemical Sensing with Silicon Photonics

Thermal Crosstalk in Photonic Integrated Circuits
Modeling Lasers in INTERCONNECT

Traveling Wave Modulators
Integrated Optical Biosensor
Advanced Modulation Format Transceivers
Photonic Integrated Circuits: from Schematic to Verification
Unified photonic integrated circuit design flow
Silicon Photonics: Components, Circuits & Systems
Passive Optical Circuits
Integrated WDM Transceivers
Silicon Photonics: WDM Interconnects Using Ring Modulators
Incorporating Statistical Variations to Estimate PIC Yield
WDM Filter Design in PICs

Process Design Kits

PDK Library Generation


CMOS Image Sensor Efficiency
Optical Modeling with FDTD Solutions
Optoelectronic simulation of CMOS image sensors


OLEDs Simulation
Optimize Your OLED in One Second!


Nanostructured Solar Cell Simulation Methodologies
Simulating Nanostructured Solar Cells
Solar Cell Simulation

Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording

Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR)


Nonlinear and Linear Simulation with FDTD Solutions
Next-generation Components
Gain and Lasers
Nonlinear Simulation in Waveguide Systems

Detailed Lumerical Training

Multi-product Training Workshop

Day 1:Nanophotonic simulations with FDTD Solutions
Day 2:Photosensitive devices
Day 3:Passive components and electro-optic modulators
Day 4:Photonic integrated circuits

Photonic Integrated Circuit Training Workshop

Photonic Integrated Circuit Design Methodologies
Passive building blocks
Modulators and Detectors
Next-generation Components
Compact Model Library Creation
Circuit Simulations and Applications

Product Specific Training

Our newest training resource:
Lumerical University

FDTD Solutions | Product Overview

FDTD Solutions Introductory Video
FDTD Numerical Methods
FDTD Solutions Workflow
FDTD Material Modeling
FDTD Optimization and Parameter Sweeps
FDTD Solutions Far Field Projections
FDTD Solutions Application Examples
FDTD Solutions Parallel Computing
Lumerical Scripting Environment
Applications of the TFSF Method
New PML Absorbing Boundaries
Material Plugins: A Practical Implementation Demo
Material Plugins: A Practical Implementation Demo Part II–A Two Level System
Oblique Incident Angle Analysis with BFAST
Broadband Gaussian Beam Sources in FDTD Solutions

MODE Solutions | Product Overview

MODE Solutions Introductory Video
Eigenmode Expansion (EME) Solver Webinar

DEVICE | Product Overview

DEVICE Introductory Video

INTERCONNECT | Product Overview

INTERCONNECT Introductory Video

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