Photonic Component & Circuit Design Software

Lumerical's design tools enable R&D professionals to accurately simulate the performance of photonic components, circuits and systems

Product Overview

Lumerical's component design products use multiphysics-style simulation workflows to model optical, electrical and thermal effects at the physical level. Lumerical's system design products simulate and optimize the performance of photonic integrated circuits.

Optical Simulation Multiphysics Circuit & System
Nanophotonic Design Environment Multiphysics Photonics Design Platform PIC Design & Simulation Platform
Charge Transport Solver System Element Library Extension
MODE Solutions DGTD Solver Laser Element Library Extension
Waveguide Design Environment Heat Transport Solver EDA Interoperability
FEEM Solver Foundry PDKs
Data Exchange: Lumerical Scripting | MATLAB API | Python API


Product Licensing Resources

Lumerical's Concurrent+ Licensing System has been designed to help end users be more productive with their software investment - whether our products are deployed on high-performance computing systems or more traditional office networks.

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