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Powerful semiconductor TCAD device simulation software for the design, analysis and optimization of semiconductor-based optoelectronic components

Product Overview

DEVICE employs the industry-proven drift-diffusion equations to model steady-state and transient behavior of charge carriers in semiconductor devices. Using advanced finite-element mesh generation algorithms, Lumerical DEVICE is capable of efficiently handling arbitrary geometries, allowing product engineers and research scientists to focus on innovating new integrated optoelectronic design concepts while being confident in the accuracy of the simulation results.

DEVICE provides users with a complete set of tools to design and evaluate semiconductor devices, including integrated process simulation, a comprehensive collection of physical material models, and robust numerical algorithms for device simulation. Coupled with Lumerical’s intuitive CAD layout and powerful scripting language, rapid and accurate development of leading-edge optoelectronics devices is now possible in one seamlessly integrated, highly productive environment.

Product Benefits

  • Decreased product development costs via highly-accurate algorithms with built-in optimization that allows for rapid virtual prototyping, reducing the need for costly physical prototypes
  • Increased productivity via design tools engineered with ease-of-use in mind to facilitate fast learning and rapid deployment
  • Comprehensive feature set allows flexibility to address diverse applications and design phases in one integrated device simulation environment
  • Easy integration with Lumerical photonic design tools for complete characterization of optoelectronic devices in an efficient workflow

Featured Applications

DEVICE addresses a wide variety of applications involving electrical characterization of silicon-based semiconductor devices. DEVICE specializes in devices that include complex optical stimuli, but also excels at modeling traditional optoelectronic and purely electrical devices. DEVICE is useful for many engineering problems of interest, including:

CMOS Image Sensor Pixel

CMOS Image Sensor DEVICE can model complex CMOS image sensor geometries and calculate the performance of these optoelectronic devices including the efficiency of optical to electrical conversion that takes place in CMOS imagers.  Learn more ⇒

Thin-Film Silicon Solar Cells

Thin Film Silicon Solar Cell Nanostructured solar cells must be carefully designed to ensure that generated carriers can be efficiently collected and not lost to mechanisms such as surface recombination.
Learn more ⇒

Waveguide-Coupled Photodiodes

Photodetectors DEVICE can be used to predict the performance of waveguide-coupled photodiodes, including simulation and analysis of dark-current, responsivity, and impulse response to switched optical inputs.  Learn more ⇒

High-Speed Modulators

Modulators DEVICE can predict the performance of depletion-mode PN junction Mach-Zehnder and ring-resonant modulators for high-speed communications, PIN modulators, and other advanced designs. Learn more ⇒
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