An advanced, finite element multiphysics simulation environment for modeling charge transport and heat transfer in semiconductor devices and optoelectronic components

DEVICE encompasses two independently licensed solvers: DEVICE CT and DEVICE HT.

DEVICE Charge Transport Integrated Design Environment
Charge Transport Solver
DEVICE Heat Transport Integrated Design Environment
Heat Transport Solver


Key applications for DEVICE CT and DEVICE HT include:
  • Semiconductor devices
  • Electro-optic modulators
  • Photovoltaic devices


  • Active metamaterials
  • Thermal tuning/switching
  • Plasmonic heating

Design Environment

  • Build 1D, 2D or 3D models
  • Import from STL, GDSII
  • Parameterizable simulation objects
CAD Environment
Adaptive Mesh

Adaptive Finite-Element Mesh

  • Represent arbitrary geometries efficiently
  • Automatic refinement based on geometry, materials, doping, and optical or heat generation

Heat transport modeling (DEVICE HT)

  • Steady state and transient
  • Heat transport
  • Electrical conductive transport
  • Requires DEVICE HT license
Heat Transport
Charge Transport

Charge transport modeling (DEVICE CT)

  • Drift-diffusion solver
  • DC and transient response
  • Isothermal and non-isothermal temperature dependence
  • Heterojunction components
  • Small-signal AC analysis
  • Requires DEVICE CT license

Self-consistent CT/HT Modeling

  • Self-heating effects
  • High-current devices
  • Requires both DEVICE CT and DEVICE HT licenses
DEVICE - Coupled

Interoperable with optical solvers

  • Perform multiphysics simulations
    • Photovoltaic (DEVICE CT/HT)
    • Electro-optic (DEVICE CT)
    • Opto-thermal (DEVICE HT)

Material Models

  • Comprehensive selection of material models
  • Adaptable to suit specific process or application
  • Flexible visual database
Material Models


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