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Applications of FDTD Solutions to microscale optics and nanophotonics

FDTD Solutions addresses a wide variety of applications involving the scattering, diffraction, and propagation of optical radiation. FDTD Solutions is useful for many engineering problems of interest, including:

CMOS Image Sensor Pixel

CMOS Image Sensor As CMOS pixel sizes decrease to reduce costs of digitial camera systems, there is a corresponding reduction in signal to noise and an increase in pixel cross-talk. Learn more ⇒

DVD Surface Design

DVD Surface Library Sub-wavelength features within a thin gold film within a DVD encodes information. Learn how to optmize this surface with FDTD Solutions to optimally store information. Learn more ⇒

LED/OLED Light Extraction Efficiency

LED Light Extraction Sub-wavelength texturing of LEDs increase light extraction efficiency, but accurate simulation tools like FDTD Solutions are needed to optimize microstructured LEDs. Learn more ⇒

DUV Lithography Simulation

DUV Lithography Simulation Calculating the field intensity transmitted through sub-wavelength mask features must account for all diffraction, refraction, interference, absorption and polarization effects. Learn more ⇒

Nanoparticle Scattering

Nanoparticle Scattering

As validated by FDTD Solutions, light incident on metallic nanoparticles creates resonant interactions with the electronic surface charge - resulting in surface plasmons. Learn more ⇒

Nanowire Grid Polarizer

Nanowire Grid Polarizer High-contrast polarization control devices composed of sub-wavelength metal gratings are replacing bulk optical elements, and FDTD Solutions is the design software of choice. Learn more ⇒

Photonic Crystal Cavity

Photonic Crystal Cavity

Photonic crystal cavities are increasingly being investigated for their ability to deliver ultra-high quality factors, unavailable with other resonator geometries. Learn more ⇒

Photonic Crystal VCSEL

Photonic Crystal VCSEL

2D patterning of photonic crystal VCSELs can deliver robust lateral mode confinement, and the stable single-mode operation necessary for optical communication systems. Learn more ⇒

Ring Resonator Filters

ring resonator

Ring resonator filters can modulate or re-direct optical signals at specified frequencies.  Explore the tradeoffs in designing ring resonator devices in FDTD Solutions and MODE Solutions. Learn more ⇒

Thin-film Silicon Solar Cell Photovoltaics

Thin Film Silicon Solar Cell Metallic nanoparticle arrays on thin film silicon solar cells are able to dramatically increase the absorption of solar energy. Learn more ⇒

Surface Plasmon Resonance Interference Nanolithography

SPR Nanolithography Surface plasmon resonance interference nanolithography is being developed to facilitate the production of features beyond the diffraction limit. Learn more ⇒

Waveguide Bragg Microcavity

Waveguide Bragg Microcavity

Waveguide-based photonic microcavities, and their high quality factor resonances, are of increasing importance for a number of integrated optical filtering applications. Learn more ⇒

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