Photonic Integrated Circuit Design and Analysis Environment

Key applications include:

  • Photonic Integrated Circuits
  • Optical Transceivers
  • Modulators
  • WDM and Advanced Modulation
  • Fiber Coupling


  • Electronic/Photonic Design Automation
  • Yield Analysis
  • Laser Modeling
  • Optical Filters
  • Ring Resonators

Hierarchical Schematic Editor

  • Hierarchical design of photonic integrated circuits
  • GUI and Lumerical Script interface
  • Interoperability with MATLAB
Schematic Editor
Circuit Solver

Circuit Solver

  • Time domain analysis
  • Frequency domain analysis
  • Bidirectional signal propagation
  • Multi-mode and multi-channel support
  • Mixed signal representation
  • SPICE interface

Extensive Library of PIC Elements

  • Passive and active optoelectronic building blocks
  • Optical sources and measurement elements
  • Foundry calibrated model libraries
  • Lumerical Compact Model Library for PDK development
Element Library

Visualization and Data Analysis

  • Design optimization framework
  • Statistical analysis
  • Parameter sweeps
  • Yield analysis

EDA and PDA Interoperability

EDA/PDA Interoperability
CML Generation

Compact Model Generation and Management

  • Develop innovative components and accurate compact models for photonic PDKs with the Lumerical Compact Model Library (LCML)
  • Import parameters from component design using Lumerical component tools
  • Manage model library distribution,
    • Distribution management including import/export security features
  • Import Foundry calibrated Compact Model Libraries for accurate designs

Notable Publications

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