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Find the license model which is right for your use case.

Single User

Software is accessed and used on a single workstation or personal computer.

  • Recommended License Model: Node-locked
  • Design and simulation on a single workstation or laptop
  • Supported operating systems: Windows & MAC OS
Single User
Multiple Users

Group holds multiple licenses and shares software among users in an R&D group or laboratory

  • Recommended License Model: Floating
  • Users access software tools over networked computing resources
  • Centralized IT management of software licenses
  • Access to concurrent computing and/or networked HPC resources for simulation and analysis
  • Supported operating systems: Windows, MAC OS & Linux
Floating Licenses


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Summary of License Model Capabilities
License Model Locking Mechanism Supported Users OS Support Remote Computing VM support
Trusted Storage Triad Redundant USB Key
Floating Yes Yes No One per license All Yes Upon request
Node-locked Yes No Yes Single user Windows & MAC OS No Upon request


Product Licenses

Wondering what our license options include? The table below contains a complete list of the solvers, simulators, and environments included with each license, as well as the optional licenses you can add to each product.

License Package Elements

FDTD Solutions FDTD Integrated Design Environment
FDTD (2D, 3D) Simulators
FDTD Simulator
FDTD Optional Licenses:
FDTD Solutions Engine FDTD & FDE Simulation Engines

MODE Solutions MODE Integrated Design Environment
2.5D varFDTD Simulator
EME Propagation Simulator
FDE Simulator
Mode Optional Licenses:
MODE Solutions Engine 2.5D varFDTD & FDE Simulation Engines

DEVICE CT Integrated Design Environment
Charge Transport Solver

DEVICE HT Integrated Design Environment
Heat Transport Solver

INTERCONNECT Schematic Design Environment
S-Parameter Simulator
System Transient Simulator
Standard Circuit Elementary Library
INTERCONNECT Optional Licenses:
CML Publisher INTERCONNECT Protected Compact Model Library Publisher
CML Reader INTERCONNECT Protected+ Compact Model Library Reader
CML Publisher+ INTERCONNECT Protected+ Compact Model Library Publisher
INTERCONNECT-KLayout INTERCONNECT-KLayout Interoperability
INTERCONNECT-OptoDesigner INTERCONNECT-OptoDesigner Interoperability
INTERCONNECT-Pyxis INTERCONNECT-Pyxis Interoperability
INTERCONNECT-Viruoso INTERCONNECT-Virtuoso Interoperability

Lumerical License Agreement

For comprehensive licensing terms and conditions, review the complete Lumerical License Agreement.

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