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Applications of MODE Solutions to waveguide design, simulation and optimization

Optical mode solvers and waveguide propagation tools are routinely used to investigate the guided and radiation modes that exists within integrated optical, photonic, and fiber devices and how they propagate along waveguides with longitudinal variation. MODE Solutions can be applied to a host of different complicated waveguiding components, including:

Microstructured optical fiber (MOF)

Photonic Crystal Fiber (PCF)

PCF Photonic crystal fiber devices are employed in sensing, dispersion management, nonlinear frequency supercontinuum generation, and delivery of high power beams. Learn more ⇒

Coaxial Bragg Fiber

Coacial Bragg Fiber Coaxial Bragg fibers, a hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber, are used in carbon dioxide laser beam delivery systems, and low nonlinearity optical communications systems. Learn more ⇒

Integrated Optics

Ring Resonator Filters

ring resonator

Ring resonator filters can modulate or re-direct optical signals at specified frequencies.  Explore the tradeoffs in designing ring resonator devices in FDTD Solutions and MODE Solutions. Learn more ⇒

Gap Surface Plasmon Waveguide

GAP Waveguide

Gap plasmon wavguides offer ultra-compact routing of optical signals and provide the mean to couple light into these high confinement waveguides. Learn more ⇒

ARROW Waveguide Design

ARROW Waveguide

Anti-resonant reflecting optical waveguide (ARROW) structures guide light within a low index core, facilitating fluorescence/Raman based trace gas detection. Learn more ⇒