Online Tech Day 2020
On Demand

A Full Day of Ecosystem Presentations

Nearly 200 people joined us and over a dozen key ecosystem players on March 13, 2020 for demonstrations of the latest in photonic simulation technology & solutions.

We lined up demonstrations and meet-the-expert sessions with key ecosystem players such as AIM Photonics, AMF, Analog Photonics, CompoundTek, Cadence, HHI Fraunhofer, HPE, Ligentec, Luceda, Mentor, SMART Photonics, Tower Semiconductor, and Zemax.

Relive your favourite presentation or catch-up on one you missed with the On-Demand Webinars listed below:

Online Tech Day 2020 - Introduction

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Online Tech Day 2020 - HPE

Experimentally Validated Statistical Models with HPE (w/ Ashkan Seyedi & James Pond)

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Online Tech Day 2020 - Focus on Lasers

Simulating Semiconductor Edge-Emitting Lasers with Lumerical (w/ Raha Vafaei)

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Online Tech Day 2020 - LIGENTEC

Low Loss Silicon Nitride with LIGENTEC (w/ Michael Geiselmann)

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Online Tech Day 2020 - CML Compiler

Statistical Analysis and CML Compiler (w/ Xu Wang)

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Online Tech Day 2020 - Cadence

Cadence-Lumerical Ecosystem (w/ Gilles Lamant)

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Online Tech Day 2020 - SMART Photonics

SMART Photonics InP Foundry for PIC (w/ Luc Augustin)

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Online Tech Day 2020 - Fraunhofer HHI

Fraunhofer HHI Foundry Services for Photonic Integrated Circuits (w/ Moritz Baier)

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Online Tech Day 2020 - Photonic Inverse Design

Optimizing Photonic Components for Manufacturability with Inverse Design (w/ James Pond)

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Online Tech Day 2020 - Luceda

Using Luceda IPKISS.flow and Lumerical FDTD (w/ Pierre Wahl)

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Online Tech Day 2020 - AIM Photonics & Analog Photonics

AIM Photonics & Analog Photonics Bring Improved Manufacturability (w/ Bart Bergman)

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Online Tech Day 2020 - Tower Semiconductor

Tower Semiconductor's PH18: First 'Open' Foundry SiPh Process (w/ Samir Chaudhry)

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Online Tech Day 2020 - Zemax

Bridging the Worlds of Nanoscale Photonics and Macroscale Optics (w/ Sanjay Gangadhara & James Pond)

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Online Tech Day 2020 - AMF

Advanced Micro Foundry Silicon Photonics (w/ Franck Ernult Gerard & Xianshu Luo)

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Online Tech Day 2020 - CompoundTek & Cadence

CompoundTek-Cadence-Lumerical PDK v1.1 (w/ Lester Cheung & Xu Wang)

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Online Tech Day 2020 - CompoundTek & Mentor

CompoundTek-Mentor-Lumerical PDK/CML (w/ Lester Cheung, Tom Daspit, and Xu Wang)

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Rich Goldman (Head of Marketing | Lumerical)
Rich Goldman is the head of marketing at Lumerical, a leader in photonic simulation. Prior to Lumerical, Rich was a Partner at Silicon Catalyst, an accelerator of semiconductor start ups. Rich served as Vice President of Corporate Marketing & Strategic Alliances as well as CEO of Synopsys Armenia, and was Synopsys’ head of Dubai Oasis. Rich holds degrees in Computer Science from Syracuse University, MS in Engineering Management and MBA from University of Dallas, as well as honorary PhDs from Russian Armenian University and State Engineering University of Armenia.
Peter Hallschmid (Product Marketing Manager | Lumerical)
Peter Hallschmid has been a Product Marketing Manager at Lumerical since 2019. He received his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of British Columbia with a focus on customizable embedded processors. He has over 15 years of experience in the electronic design automation industry as an entrepreneur, faculty member, and software developer.


Luc Augustin (CTO | SMART Photonics)
Luc Augustin received the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. After his graduation, he went to industry, to work at Cedova, and Philips Research, and later in photovoltaics at Solland Solar. He has been active in the development, pilot production and optimization of innovative technologies. He is CTO at SMART Photonics.
Moritz Baier (Fraunhofer HHI)
Moritz Baier received his BSc and MSc at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in 2010 and 2013, respectively, including stays at Institut Fresnel (Marseille, France) and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain).
In 2013, he joined Fraunhofer HHI where he received his PhD degree in 2018 on polarization multiplexed photonic integrated circuits. Since then, he is heading the InP Foundry Group at HHI that commercializes a generic technology for photonic integration in InP.
Bart Bergman (Design Offering Director | AIM Photonics)
Creative and driven technologist, sales and design professional creating, selling and designing software, semiconductors, semiconductor intellectual property (IP), silicon photonics, and engineering design services. As an entrepreneur, founded Arrowsmith Research, which was a successful software development company. Grew four different multi-million dollar businesses. Recent technical accomplishments include being the Technical Lead at Starkey on their ultra-low power DSP hearing aid, being part of the team at IBM that designed the world’s fastest supercomputer, and standing up the AIM Photonics Virtual Design Center.
Samir Chaudhry (Director, Design Enablement | Tower Semiconductor)
Samir has been leading the Design Kit and Modeling activities for Tower Semiconductor since 2008. Prior to this, he led the SPICE modeling group at Jazz Semiconductor. His research interests include RF CMOS and statistical modeling. He has worked with the Compact Modeling Council in developing industry standard compact models for circuit simulation. Prior to joining Jazz, he was a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff with Bell Labs, where he worked on Technology CAD and device modeling for scaled silicon technologies. He has authored over 25 journal publications and has 14 patents in the field of silicon technology.
Lester Cheung (Senior Manager of Engineering | CompoundTek)
Lester Cheung is a senior manager of engineering at CompoundTek. He has nearly 20 years of experience in semiconductors and EDA experience especially in physical verification. Since joining CompoundTek, he has been deeply involved in expanding CompoundTek’s EPDA ecosystem and continues to work closely with Lumerical and other partners in enhancing customer experience and enabling customer tapeout success.
Tom Daspit (Product Manager | Mentor)
Tom began his career as a full custom design engineer at Gould AMI. Tom has spent the last 25 years working in various EDA applications, sales, and marketing roles. Tom is current a product manager in Mentor ICDS division, responsible for the photonics design tools.
Sanjay Gangadhara (CTO | Zemax)
Tasked with identifying new technology that increases the functionality and capability of all Zemax software solutions, Sanjay leads a cross-functional team of product managers, computational physicists, and software development engineers. His background in general physics, electromagnetism, and optical system diagnostics has served him well in his various roles at Zemax, including Optical Scientist, Senior Analyst, Director of Research and Development, and now Chief Technology Officer.
Michael Geiselmann (Managing Director | LIGENTEC)
Michael Geiselmann studied physics and engineering at University Stuttgart and Ecole Centrale Paris. After his PhD at ICFO in Barcelona in 2014 he joined the laboratory of Prof. Kippenberg at EPFL in Lausanne, where he advanced frequency comb generation on integrated silicon nitride chips towards applications and was involved in several international research projects. In 2016, he co-founded LIGENTEC and brought the company to the international stage of photonic integration.
Franck Ernult Gerard (Senior Manager, Account Management and Marketing | AMF)
Franck is the Senior Manager for Account Management and Marketing at AMF. In his role, he works closely with AMF customers to understand their needs and provide the best possible support for their projects. He is a member of AMF since its incorporation in 2017 and before that, was leading Research & Development activities in Public Research Institutions and private companies, in Singapore and Japan. Franck holds a PhD in Materials Science from the Joseph Fourier University in France and a MBA from the National University of Singapore.
Gilles Lamant (Distinguished Engineer | Cadence)
Gilles holds an engineering degree (~MsEE) from ESIEE (Ecole Superieure d’ingénieurs en Electronique et Electrotechnique), Paris, France. After holding several customer facing positions in Cadence Services organization, with a focus on custom (analog) design, in multiple countries (US, Japan, Russia), he joined the Virtuoso Custom Platform R&D team in 2003. His interests are usually found below Metal1, at the device level. He pioneered the Virtuoso FinFET implementation, and has been focussing on the photonics layers for the past few years. In that capacity, he has led the partnership between Cadence and other eco-system companies driving the integration and co-development of the EPDA (Electronics-Photonics Design Automation) platform around the Virtuoso® Platform.
Zeqin Lu (Senior Solutions Engineer | Lumerical)
Dr. Zeqin Lu is a Senior Solution Engineer, and is the leading the development of photonics Verilog-A compact models and innovative integration solutions for photonics IC and electronics IC design methodologies. Dr. Lu received his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of British Columbia. His primary research experience and interests are in silicon photonics and electronic photonics design automation.
Xianshu Luo (AMF)
Dr. Xianshu Luo has over 15 years R&D experience in Photonic integrated circuits (PIC) and heterogeneous integration of optoelectronic integrated circuits (HOEIC). Dr. Luo received the Ph. D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Hong Kong, in 2010. His Ph. D. work covered a broad range subject to silicon micro/nano-photonics for networks-on-chip applications. In 2010, He joined IME, A*TAR, as Scientist and was engaged in research on Si-PIC and H-OEIC for various applications such as optical telecommunication, on-chip optical interconnection, microwave photonics, optical biosensing, etc. He has authored/co-authored more than 120 peer-reviewed journal and conferences papers, 4 book chapters, and holds more than 20 US/Singapore/Chinese patents.
Dylan McGuire (Senior R&D Manager | Lumerical)
Dylan McGuire is a Senior R&D Manager at Lumerical. He received his M.A.Sc. from the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department at the University of British Columbia, and was a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Physics at McGill University before joining Lumerical. Prior to his current role at Lumerical, Dylan was an R&D Scientist and later Lead Engineer responsible for the development of finite element charge and heat transport solvers. With over a decade of experience in the design and implementation of numerical algorithms for the physical simulation of optoelectronic devices and systems, he has contributed to numerous publications and presentations on simulation tools and methodologies for photonic integrated circuit design.
James Pond (CTO | Lumerical)
Dr. James Pond is the CTO and co-founder of Lumerical Inc. and is a driving force behind the company’s core software algorithms, technology, and advanced photonic modeling capabilities. He has almost two decades of experience in optical and photonic simulation, and is the author of numerous papers, patents and conference presentations.
Adam Reid (VP of Engineering | Lumerical)
Adam Reid is co-founder and VP Engineering of Lumerical Inc. with over 15 years of experience in the photonics industry including design tools, devices and early-stage companies. He leads the development of Lumerical’s suite of photonic design tools and is key a contributor to the high-performance and extensible architecture of those products.
Ellen Schelew (Senior Solutions Engineer | Lumerical)
Ellen Schelew is a Senior Solutions Engineer at Lumerical Inc. Her focus is on photonic integrated circuit ecosystem enablement. She works on developing EDA-style workflows with photonic simulation for bringing PIC designs to reality. She is also involved in developing streamlined methods for generating compact model libraries calibrated to foundry processes. She holds a PhD in Physics from the University of British Columbia.
Ashkan Seyedi (Research Scientist | HPE)
Ashkan received a dual Bachelor’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a Ph.D. from University of Southern California working on photonic crystal devices, high-speed nanowire photodetectors, efficient white LEDs and solar cells. While at Hewlett Packard Enterprise as a research scientist, he has been working on developing high-bandwidth, efficient optical interconnects for exascale and high performance computing applications.
Peng Sun (Research Engineer | HPE)
Peng Sun received the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the Ohio State University, Columbus, OH in 2012. He was a senior engineer at Luxtera, Inc., Carlsbad, CA from 2012 to 2018. He is currently a research engineer at the Hewlett Packard Labs, Palo Alto, CA.
Erman Timurdogan (Director of PDK Development | Analog Photonics)
Dr. Erman Timurdogan is the Director of PDK development at Analog Photonics (AP). He is leading a team to develop the Process Design Kit (PDK) component library and Silicon Photonics (SiPh) optical transceiver product line. With his contribution, AP_SUNY PDK includes 60+ verified passive and active SiPh components for O and C+L bands for various photonic applications. He is the chief architect and team lead for the design, layout, and characterization of 400G and +1T co-packaged optics and on-board optics SiPh transceivers in compliance with IEEE standards and 100G per Lambda MSA electro-optical interface specifications. He has gained technical and program management skills in writing SBIRs, government contracts, industrial proposals and on-time execution of milestones and critical deliverables. Dr. Timurdogan received his Ph.D. and M.S. in electrical engineering and computer science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and B.S. in electrical and electronics engineering from Koc University (KU). At MIT, he designed, developed and demonstrated the operation of highly reliable ultra-low-power 3D integrated electronic-photonic silicon transceivers on 300mm silicon-on-insulator wafers. He has authored 75 peer-reviewed publications, 12 patents and book chapters which were cited over 1800 times.
Frank Tolic (CMO | AIM Photonics)
Frank Tolic is the Chief Marketing Officer of AIM Photonics. As AIM’s CMO, Frank is responsible for development and execution of marketing strategies that expand the AIM brand, membership, technology, and services to the photonics community. He is also SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s Associate Vice President for Business, wafer processing, where he focuses on the creation of new business partnerships and is responsible for growing AIM Photonics and SUNY Poly’s core strategic technical and corporate partnerships. Prior to this assignment, he managed a portfolio of over one billion dollars in semiconductor business across the globe in support of semiconductor equipment, consumable, research, and manufacturing companies at Novati Technologies, SVTC, ATDF, and SEMATECH. Prior to his business role, Tolic was a Sr. Device Integration Engineer at Motorola’s Advanced Products Research and Development Laboratory, in Austin, TX. He received both Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering from Lawrence Technological University, holds number of patents, and has published and presented various technical and business topics throughout his 30 years in in the semiconductor industry.
Raha Vafaei (Senior Technical Account Manager | Lumerical)
Raha is a Senior Technical Account Manager at Lumerical Inc. Her focus is on business development and driving customer success. Her background research is in photonics and power electronics. She received her M.A.Sc. from the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department at the University of British Columbia and holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Grenoble.
Pierre Wahl (Founder | Luceda)
Pierre Wahl co-founded Luceda Photonics in 2014 where he is leading the sales, support, and training operations. At Luceda, he trains and supports R&D teams of major corporations, research institutes, foundries, and universities in China, North America, and Europe. He completed his Ph.D. in optoelectronics at the Free University of Brussels and Stanford University on ultralow energy optical interconnects in 2014.
Xu Wang (Director of Solutions | Lumerical)
Dr. Xu Wang is the Director of Solutions Group at Lumerical. He has been focusing on photonic integrated circuit (PIC) design solutions, including Lumerical’s industry-leading simulation technologies for photonic components, circuits, and compact models, as well as Lumerical’s strong ecosystem partnerships with EDA, foundries, and strategic customers. Dr. Wang has authored more than 60 publications and delivered many invited talks at conferences. He received his Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia.

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