CMOS Image Sensors

Lumerical offers the most powerful photonic simulation option for CIS designers

Lumerical provides the industry-leading optical simulator for designing CMOS image sensors and its tools are able to analyze the benefits of backside illumination, quantify the impact of optical cross-talk, optimize the microlens shift for oblique angles of incidence, characterize the performance of color filters when incorporated into complicated sensor geometries, and perform other important design tasks.


Optimization done right

The optimization function available in Lumerical’s FDTD Solutions is useful to quickly find the best operating point for parameters like the radius of curvature of the microlenses or the best antireflective layers in order to optimize the quantum efficiency of CMOS images sensors.

Dr. Axel Crocherie

CMOS Image Sensors

The CMOS image sensor workflow starts with optical simulations in FDTD. The generation rate is calculated from the optical absorption and used as a source in the subsequent electrical simulation in CHARGE to calculate the quantum efficiency.

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