Metamaterials & Plasmonics

Metamaterials and plasmonics remain two of the most active areas of academic research in photonics, owing to the interesting optical effects that can be generated in these materials. As the leading photonic simulator deployed for these applications, FDTD offers all the capabilities you need to get accurate answers quickly and easily in these fields.


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We use Lumerical’s FDTD to solve Maxwell’s equations for light transmission through arrays of subwavelength openings of various shapes. Our primary focus is on the basic physics of the light transmission and what parameters are critical to light transmission optimization and suppression, but we also have interest in studying radiation pressure and electromagnetic momentum transfer in metamaterials and bow-tie antennas.

Dr. John Weiner
National Institute for Standards and Technology


Lumerical tools can be used to study sub-wavelength periodic and highly-diffractive optical metamaterial elements and the interesting optical characteristics they exhibit.  One can directly measure various quantities of interest.

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